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As Creative we  providing marketing/pr services from social media marketing, content creation, event management, to pr/marketing campaigns.

Developer looking on screen

Gedler and Co Creatives is latino-owned and operated marketing/PR agency. We have partnerships with minority owned business and influencers around the world.

I committed us to empowering and uplifting the latinx community in the United States and worldwide,while contributing a positive effect onto our community.

Are you new to latinx influencer marketing?

Tell us what you are hoping to achieve, and we can help you create a campaign using the language that your target audience speaks. How we do that? By using key insights from completed campaigns, we select the right creators, deliverables, and channels to ensure your product is reaching the best audiences while creating content that performs.

I you are a Latinx business owner. Entrepreneur, Activist or an entity looking to work together, develop a partnership or provide services to the latinx community, reach out!

Our expertise :  content creation, branding design + social media consulting 

Image by Jezael Melgoza
Toyota campaign winner during the Hispanic Heritage Month
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