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November 08, 2020 2 min read

Rafael Behrends and Giancarlo Gedler are taking their power of influence to the next level.


Fashion influencers are ready for a fashion brand collaboration. The GDRL SKIN collection results from a year of research, testing, design, and redesign, it leverages the valuable comments and data of its followers - more than 80k on Instagram together worldwide.


"I've worked with so many brands, and with so many designers, it's something my fans have always enjoyed and encouraged me to continue," said Behrends. "For years, I've been asked, 'Why don't you collaborate with a brand. We love your style, and we love what you do; that's when Giancarlo suggested I do this collaboration with his fashion brand. "


The GDLR SKIN collection debuts with three products, ranging from $ 35 to $ 125 per kit. The line, inspired by the creators' routine, imitating their New York / Miami lifestyle and their Venezuelan roots, made with a neutral aroma, a unisex approach, minimalist design, thinking about how the product will look on the dresser, shelves, or cabinets in your bathroom.


We know that some homes have limited space for couples, and both can use the same products, save space in their bathrooms, and get the same benefits.


"It's a huge responsibility and an honor to be able to be part of this collaboration where the partner is equally invested and understands the metrics and the work that has to be done to make it a big success," Gedler said. "I understand the business side of it, the work, and the dedication, attention to detail that needs to happen for the brand to be a success." I am sure that you will see more soon.


Future releases will consist of approximately 18 products and will be available in the coming months.


Behrends found an exclusive collaboration with his partner at Haus of Gedler, with whom he has been working for about four years. The association will remain exclusive until the end of 2020.


To end this summer, Behrends and Gedler will make the collection available on the website. Through its direct platform www.hausofgedler.com. Haus of Gedler will be able to send the collection to everyone. Behrends and Gedler will promote the products on the tag's feed, @hausofgedler, as well as @rafabehrends and @giancarlogedler.